Isaac & Sophie

13th April 2019

Royston House | Innisplain


I’ll be the first to admit I was hesitant about Royston House. It kept popping up in my research but I kept ignoring it. Isaac however, he knew, and he pushed for us to go and check it out. The moment we arrived at the bottom of the driveway I was sold. From the amazing scenery, tree lined driveway to the incredible hosting of Drew and each and every detail found in the house. There wasn’t much not to love. Drew was impeccable and we cannot speak highly enough of him. He not only made our wedding what it was but he impacted our lives with his enthusiasm, joy, work ethic and selflessness. Never have we meet or known anyone to be as thoughtful as Drew. No words can describe our gratefulness for him and the Royston House team. Our wedding would not have been the same without them.


Isaac and I met at a youth group 7 years ago, he was in grade 12 and I just out of school. We spent the next 3 years serving at the youth group together and on camps for teenagers. We became close friends (bonding over the Sherlock Holmes TV series), practical jokes and being in each other’s presence majority of the week. Both incredibly friendly with one another and both secretly crushing! Things started to become more friendly than friends which eventually led to us umming and ahhing about whether or not to date.  I was leaving to go on a 5 month mission trip to Africa and didn’t think it was the best timing.

We said it wasn’t going to work, left it, decreased our contact time as we didn’t want to lead one another on but that only lasted a couple of weeks. We couldn’t keep away from each other and decided it was worth having what we wanted, despite the timing!  Now, more than 4 years later we’re married!


Isaac and I are both extremely competitive. One of our favourite things to do throughout our entire relationship is to go on a picnic and play cards together, it’s our quality time fix!  On November 16th 2018, Isaac picked me up at 2.30am and we drove to Burleigh Heads to watch the sunrise. That week he had shaved his beard and left a moustache. However when I got in the car that morning, the moustache was gone! (very suspicious) We arrived at Burleigh just in time for the sun coming up, we found a spot, and set up the picnic.  We enjoyed Turkish bread and hummus, and then began to play cards! Unfortunately, we didn’t position ourselves very well and ended up behind another small hill which blocked the sunrise. It didn’t matter!

As we played cards, little be known to me Isaac had hidden a joker (always the winning card) in his pocket.  During our game Isaac placed the joker on to the pile and written on it was, ‘will you marry me?’ I looked at him, confused, “what?” and Isaac the confident, eloquent, public speaker and amazing communicator nervously spluttered out, “will you marry me?” at 100mph. (Later I found out he had put it in his hand, facing the wrong way, therefore he thought I had already seen it!).  I laughed, said yes and from there we celebrated! His greatest victory he says, is winning the game and winning the girl! Most of my family live in the UK so being so early in the morning we could face time them and share the news!


I’m a VERY detailed person. I’ve always dreamed about my wedding but when it came to it everything I had thought prior went out the window! The main goal was to always have a wedding that when we looked back on it, we wouldn’t regret any decisions. Classic, elegant and us. Being a sentimental person everything reflected what’s made us who we are today.

I was extremely close to my granny, in fact, stones from one of her rings are what helped make up my engagement ring. Many details of the day were tributed to her, from the lavender illustrations on the invite, as her room always smelt of lavender, to the stocks in my bridal bouquet as they were her favourite. My little sister wore my grandmother’s necklace. We had ciders from Ireland and Bundaberg’s for the Australians.

Blending two different cultures has been a beautiful mix. I wanted to make things fun and personal.  We made our own invites, I personalised my own shoes, I brought a cheap pair from rubi and bedazzled the heel! 90% (photographer, videographer, jewellery, cake and flowers) of our vendors were not only friends but guests at our wedding.  We loved supporting our friends businesses. They are all so incredible at what they do and we honestly couldn’t think of any better vendors. Each and every one of them had an impact on our personal life., So why not have them share in all those intimate wedding details with us. I couldn’t speak more highly of either of them for who they are, their professionalism and talent.


For us, we hold the future very loosely, we have hopes plans and dreams, travel is one, influence the other. Isaac is a pastor and I’m in education.  We love to serve people and we know that wherever we are led that is what we will do!  We hope to have a positive influence wherever we go and know that sooner rather than later we will achieve amazing things. We’re passionate about building communities, creating environments that positively influence others empowering them to be the best that they can be.

Both of us believe this is something that can be done anywhere. We hope one day to have the chance to move overseas and continue this work. I myself am originally from the UK with most of my family living back there so there will probably be the top of our list. As for kids, we both love and adore children. As giddy as we are now about them, we know we will wait a couple more years before beginning our family! Right now we are loving establishing a home together and falling more and more in love every day. Being married to your best friend makes every day an adventure and makes the future all that more exciting.


Venue: Royston House | Video: Michael Kelly Films | Jewellery: Ruby & Sage Bridal | Dress: Karen Willis Holmes Bridal | Suit: Politix | Hair: The Hair Chapel | Make up: Faces by GiGi | Florist: Gwen Floral Co. | Cake: Fig & Coconut | Catering: That BBQ Joint | Hire: Finders Co.

Photographer: Matthew Gillam Photography