Photographed by Brenton de Rooy 

Inspired by the scenic landscape, Manuela & Fabrizio’s wedding celebration was modern bohemian in aesthetic yet intimate in mood.  A wedding of rustic luxe styling and European romance.

Adorned in an alluring long sleeve Grace Love Lace gown, Manuela elegantly moved through the space.  Minimal arrangements of olive and white garden blooms decorated the venue, beautifully contrasting natures backdrop.

Manuela & Fabrizio

17th August 2019

Rosewood Estate

How We Met

Manuela and Fabrizio were originally introduced by Manuela’s sister, Luiza, back in August of 2016 – but this is the edited version of it. Actually, Fabrizio saw Manuela for the first time on one of those dating apps, but didn’t get a reply back from her. Fabrizio did his research and found out that Manuela was sister’s with an old friend, Luiza. He contacted Luiza, who then told him to forget about technologies – she would do the introductions in the old school way.

Our Story

Manuela was adamant that she was not interested in pursuing a relationship at that particular time in her life. But Luiza was quite persuasive about how amazing Fabrizio was, and Manuela agreed to meet him for a coffee date in Broadbeach. Fabrizio was instantly attracted to Manuela the moment he met her. Although Manuela was indifferent and admits that they did share a real sense of ease in each other’s company and they discussed their mutual interest in Peru.

The following week Fabrizio took Manuela out to dinner in Kirra. Over tapas and sangria, they learnt more about each other’s lives, hopes and dreams for the future. Fabrizio says he noticed an amazing connection as he realized they were talking for so long.  So deep into conversation that they forgot to order food – something very unusual to him.

After dinner, Manuela very reluctantly agreed to go to Fabrizio’s home under the pretense of him needing to feed his dog. And it was there that they shared their first kiss – and only a kiss. Over the next few weeks they shared a few more dates together, but Manuela was focused on her work and studies.  Manuela didn’t give much thought to having a relationship with Fabrizio. She would take days – maybe a week – to reply a message of him. What she didn’t know was that Fabrizio cannot see a challenge in front of him and not pursue it.

He kept trying

Restlessly, until things finally changed. It was on January 5th, when they were going to have dinner and drinks that Manuela remembers an unexplainable shift. It was a combination of the moment and a very wise choice of words that made Manuela realize that Fabrizio was the one. It was as if she was looking at Fabrizio for the first time and seeing the amazing man that he is. It was a defining moment that not only opened her heart but all the possibilities that a relationship with Fabrizio would bring. Her soul welcomed his love and it was in this moment that their love story really began and quite suddenly they fell in love.   

Since then, they saw each other every day. They have shared many beach days, camping adventures, two houses, and have travelled to 8 different countries together. His dog is now THEIR dog. The beautiful staffy Cali is very lucky to call Manuela her mum – although Manuela thinks that the really lucky one is herself, for having Fabrizio and Cali in her life.

The Proposal

Fabrizio and Manuela knew they had something very special and shared the same desire to spend their life together, but it was in December last year when Fabrizio orchestrated his proposal. During a holiday in Indonesia, Fabrizio arranged for them to stay in a beautiful penthouse in Bali. He led Manuela from the lobby to the outdoors to admire the magnificent views from the lookout and unbeknown to Manuela, Fabrizio had arranged a photographer on standby to capture the special moment. As they admired the views, Fabrizio surprised Manuela as he went down on bended knee, and with ring in hand he asked her to be his wife. It was a very intimate and emotional moment as the photographer captured Manuela happily accepting Fabrizio’s proposal.

True Love

When asked what Fabrizio loves about Manuela he said he loves her caring and supportive nature. She is fierce towards any challenge and her strong drive and determination allows her to complete any task she sets her mind to. He loves their connection towards life and how she inspires him about their future together, knowing that whatever life brings, it will be amazing with Manuela by his side.

Manuela says that Fabrizio’s love is unconditional. He has an amazing heart and makes Manuela feel very special and loved. She admires everything about him.  The way he behaves with family and friends, his commitment to everything he does.  His amazing ability to fix problems, situations and broken things around the house. She loves the way he truly listens to her, and also the way he prepares her coffee every morning. Above all, he makes her smile. He is indeed her one true love.

The Future

Manuela and Fabrizio are very excited about their future together as husband and wife and will continue to support each other with a foundation of love and respect. They look forward to more adventures together. When the timing is right they plan to have children and raise them in a family surrounded by their love for one another. They love the very idea of growing old together and reflecting on the amazing life that they shared.

The Location

Widely regarded as one of the finest properties on the mountain.  Resting high on the famous Lamington Plateau.  Renown throughout the world for its stunning rainforests, waterfalls, walking tracks and lush green hills.

This beautiful 100-year-old Rosewood Estate is located on a magnificent 250-acre horse and cattle farm.   With stunning coastal views stretching from South Stradbroke Island to Coolangatta to the East and up the entire Numinbah Valley to the South.

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The Line Up

Venue Rosewood Estate | Photographer Brenton de Rooy | Wedding Planner Scenic Rim Bride | Dress Grace Loves Lace | Hair & Makeup Laura Gilham | Flowers Opium Wedding Flowers | Cake & Petite Fours Marina Machado Cakes | Furniture & Lighting Brandition | Celebrant Love Celebrations | Food Truck Fire’n’Dough