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Glass Slipper Photography is the brain child of Steve and Keshia. Over the last 7 years we have been lucky enough to capture over 250 weddings of everything big and small. Our very first wedding was at the jaw dropping Haymond Island, and from there we have fossilized love through our imagery in every state of Australia (minus WA) and to far landscapes ranging from Fiji, Bali, France, New Zealand and everything in between.

No matter the location, one thing does not change. Those small intimate moments are our jam. Since raising our own little family, the importance of all of these little moments has become so much more real, as our little rascals grow up WAY too quick. One moment they are newborns, the next we are getting teaching them to surf. There are so many breathtaking moments like this that NEED to be immortalized. This is what we do BEST.

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