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Music is an essential part to setting the perfect atmosphere at your wedding. Picture this. The magical moments walking down the aisle, signing your register to make it official and walking back a newly-wedded couple, all soundtracked with an award winning live singer. It’s like you’re living the scene from a movie. You go off to get photos knowing your guests are all catching up in high spirits over canapés, drink in hand and acoustic entertainment providing covers from several genres and eras so you know everyone will be happy from your country cousin who travelled hours to get there and is thrilled I know a few Luke Combs songs, to your aunt who loves Fly Me To The Moon.

You get back to join reception where I DJ your favourite ‘kick in the door, I’m here to party’ song as your MC introduces you to the rowdy room of welcoming guests. Everyone eventually settles down a bit,  but it’s hard to not get excited knowing you’re about to be having dinner and more live music. Once all the formalities wrap up, you head to the floor to do your first dance. I can either sing this for you live or DJ it but following this, I transform to DJ until the end of the night and we all get to cut a rug and boogie our best moves.

I can be adaptable to suit your hopes and plans for how the day will run but I make it my goal to make everything as easy as possible for you. I bring all equipment required so you don’t need to stress about hiring PA equipment and can even provide a microphone for your MC and speeches. Being a live musician and DJ in one, I’ve got all your music sorted. 


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