Award winning makeup artist, Lara Quinn. Captured by Cloud Catcher Studio.

What inspired Lara Quinn to learn the art of makeup?

In high school, I remember seeing a series of paintings by the famous Claude Monet, called ‘Water Lilies’.  I fell in love with how he was able to blend all the colours together so effortlessly to create these amazing artworks, and something about it just really stuck with me.

From there I felt the drive to experiment with colour in various mediums such as chalk pastels and oil paints.  I really loved creating artworks of the skyline and all the rich colours that you might see in a beautiful sunset or using light and shade to create an electric lightning storm.

During this time, I also had a deep fascination with makeup and how it could be used as this amazing tool to not only transform oneself but also give you the confidence you might feel you need when heading out for the day or a special event.

Where do you find inspiration?

I find inspiration for my Bridal Work in all things that have a sense of timeless beauty, that appear to look effortless and glowing.  I love Brides to look like they have just walked out of an ‘Estee Lauder’ ad (for example) with the look of timeless beauty.

So, for me, anything that screams femininity and classic beauty is always going to speak to my heart.  I also love watching the red carpet events for the Golden Globes or Oscars, there is a reason why we look at the actresses and think how beautiful they look when they walk the carpet.  For the most part, they are also trying to look like the best possible version of themselves.  The makeup is mostly understated and the hair is just about always done in some kind of a classic hairstyle, a simple wave or a classic bun.

What would you say is the most on trend bridal makeup?

I think this depends on what platform you are seeking inspiration from. Personally I find myself repeating this a lot, but I do think it is really important that you don’t follow trends too much and just go with what is going to look like the best possible version of yourself…

You want to walk down the aisle looking like the woman that your Husband to be has fallen in love with and not a completely different version of that same person.

I can guarantee that for most Brides that went with a bold, matte, colour stay lip and some big black winged eyeliner that everyone was wanting 2 years ago because it was Instagram trendy, will look back at their photos and be thinking – ‘why did I do that!?’ and it’s because it’s a ‘trend’ not a reflection of that Bride’s own personal style if they don’t wear makeup like that all the time.

Who is your style icon? And why?

Charlize Theron without a doubt is my absolute style icon, everything about her screams classic beauty!  She always manages to look refined and gorgeous even when she is wearing something more edgy like her character role in Atomic Blonde. Her skin and bone structure is truely something to be envied. I always love how her makeup is always done, just ‘so’ – it’s never over the top its always done in a way where she looks stunning without being heavily made up, even when she is wearing a smokey eye or a bright lip.. it always manages to still look ‘soft’

Do you have a favourite colour palette?

I love working with the earthy shades of Autumn, all the richness that it has to offer with the oranges and red browns is so beautiful and works well with every eye colour. I also love how you can soften or amp it up with all the variances in the shades of brown. You can go as soft as you want with a very natural taupe eye or as heavy as you need by creating a very smoked out eye. Linda Evangilista is a great example of how to use these tones as she has been interviewed saying that black is such a harsh colour to work with around the eyes.  For red carpet events, she likes her makeup artist to create a smokey eye just by using different shades of browns because it still creates a sexy eye whilst still keeping it quite soft.

What advice would you give to Brides when it comes to choosing a Hair & Makeup Artist for their special day?

I would advise Brides to look for an artist who produces work within an aesthetic that you are drawn to and one that represents who you are as a person.

Choosing the right makeup artist is no different than choosing your wedding gown, you wouldn’t go to Grace loves Lace and expect them to give you something that looks like a Karen Willis Holmes Gown because each designer has their own style and aesthetic that they produce.  Each makeup artist has their own makeup style.  Select the ones who produce work that you are drawn to, don’t try to make them change their aesthetic to fit within your budget or needs because they aren’t the right fit for you and vice versa as it’s really important that you’re all on the same page and have a similar sense of style and what you believe looks beautiful.

Lastly, don’t be swayed by a cheaper price! Occasionally I have Brides that love what I do but may say the price is too high for their budget.  Most of the time the difference in price is not really that much more. When you consider how much you are spending on the wedding day as a whole, then I would always recommend going with an artist you feel will give you best results on such an important day. The last thing you want to be feeling is stressed about the way you look on the day because it just doesn’t feel like you.

Do you have any beauty tips and/or advice for Brides in preparation to their big day?

I always recommend that a good skin care routine is well in place prior to the wedding day. The biggest request that I get with makeup is to make the skin look flawless and fresh, and if the client does not look after their skin and has a lot of dead skin sitting on the surface or blemishes that they have picked at, then it makes the process of making skin look ‘fresh and flawless’ a lot harder due to the amount of product that will be required to counteract what is happening under the makeup.

To be honest makeup will only ever look, and last as good as it can when the skin is in the best condition it can be.  I never recommend the old fashioned facials as I tend to think that it is something you could do yourself at home with good quality skin products but more in terms of microdermabrasion, peels and\or laser treatments which nowadays are actually quite affordable to have done.

Lastly, don’t go too dark with your spray tan! The ‘darker’ you go the more ‘orange’ you are essentially going to look and when you put on a white or ivory wedding dress, the ‘orangeness’ of the tan is exemplified. Trying to colour match foundations to a dark spray tan is often a challenge because the tan colour is so unnatural which is why I always suggest getting a trial tan before the wedding day so you can see how the product develops on the skin and you can see what adjustments need to be made in the strength and colour base of the tan.

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NOTE – Lara Quinn is a sought after make up artist covering Brisbane to Byron Bay and of course, the Scenic Rim.  If you’re serious about investing in a good makeup artist, don’t delay as you will miss out and be disappointed…

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Model Zoe Creed

Lara working on her magic on Zoe Creed at Rosewood Estate. Captured by Figtree Pictures.


Lara working on her magic on Allira Ashwell at Songbirds Rainforest Retreat. Featured in The Wedding Playbook, captured by White Parrot Photography.

With La’ace de Vries, Miss World Australia 2nd Runner Up at Edges Lodge on Tamborine Mountain.

With models Holly James, Courtney Friedrichs and Zoe Creed at The Overflow Estate 1895. Featured on Nouba blog, captured by Figtree Pictures.

With Taylah Cannon, Miss World Australia at Hampton Estate Wines.

Featured on Festival Brides, captured by Figtree Pictures

With La’Ace de Vries, Miss World Australia 2018 2nd Runner Up at Royston House

Featured in One + One magazine captured by Figtree Pictures.