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My name is Casey and I confess I’m a tragic romantic, chocolate addict and recovering perfectionist.

Long after I tied the knot, I still found myself obsessing over other people’s weddings. And yes, I love MAFS too and was lucky enough to be invited to be celebrant on season 8.

I kept shelling out for wedding magazines, buying books on marriage, and finding myself just wanting to do the whole day again (with the same husband thankfully).

Then one day everything changed for me when my little sister got engaged and asked me to become a qualified celebrant for her wedding. What followed has been the most thrilling and fulfilling accidental occupation I ever could have hoped for.

I put my own heart into every wedding to make sure they look, sound, and feel the way my couples want, and I would be stoked to sit down, have a beer with you and chat about your dream wedding. Who said ceremony planning had to be stressful?

On the day, I’ll be running intercept when your aunty wants to whip out her ipad to take photos with you 10 seconds before the ceremony starts.

I’ll be shedding a discreet tear when the music swells and that special someone begins their walk down the aisle.

I’ll be downing a shot of tequila with you mid ceremony before you say your vows because that’s what is going to get you through wearing your heart on your sleeve in front of your nearest and dearest.

Bending over backwards to make your day seamless is what I do best!

So if you want a celebrant who won’t steal your limelight, makes you feel like you can be yourself, and who will let you soak up the magic of the day…

Have a Beer with Case


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