No words can express the devastation of the Australian bushfires.

Not one to normally follow news, this week I have been tuned into the news. Daily.  Unable to peel my eyes away from the TV.  In disbelief as to what I am seeing and hearing.  Feeling helpless.  Making donations in hope my small contribution will help in the grand scheme of things. Yet feels like it’s not enough.

I can’t help but think of the lives which have been taken. Praying that it was quick with no suffering.  My heart is heavy and I find myself now reluctant to tune into the news, because when I do, I cry.

The devastation is beyond sad.

Our beautiful region recently experienced it’s own bushfire which destroyed Binna Burra Lodge.  This shoot took place a few months prior to the fire in the caves over looking the Lamington National Park.

In 3.5 short months, life is returning home to Binna Burra to resume and rebuild their life.  It gives me hope.  It’s a reminder that nature is beyond beautiful, and extremely powerful.  So too is the coming together of people.  Ego’s step aside, allowing hearts to love and give unconditionally.

To think the fires are far from over is still heartbreaking.

I will continue to pray with the rest of Australia for the brave men and women fighting to protect and save life as we know it.  True heroes, thank you for risking yours to save ours.  Amen.

Captured by Rabbit and the Bear Weddings

In September 2019, the facilities of Binna Burra Lodge, including the original accommodation buildings, reception lounge and dining room were tragically lost in the QLD bushfires.

The Binna Burra campsite, Teahouse café and the Sky Lodge apartments remain undamaged from the bushfire and the rebuild of the site has already begun.

A relief effort has been created as an answer to the thousands of people worldwide who are reaching out and asking how they can support Binna Burra Lodge after this tragic event.  To all our friends from near and afar who are supporting the #bringbackbinnaburra mission, thank you!  For those wanting to help please visit https://au.gofundme.com/f/friends-of-binna-burra-lodge 



Thank you to our creative team and the talent behind Rabbit and the Bear, Andy & Jordy for capturing a beautiful heart felt production.

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